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You have discovered a great page on Dirt Bike Tips & Pics! These dirt bike forums have been set up exclusively for YOU, the riders of the world and the readers of this site. Check out these various off road motorcycle forums where you can share your photos, voice your opinion, thoughts, questions, gripes, and groans… whatever! … about almost anything to do with riding dirt bikes.

DBP dirt bike forums work differently to the others. The conversations are informative, helpful and clean. If you’re looking for a place to bicker like a 12-year-old and hurl abuse to other readers then head to one of the many forums out there that allows that… cause this aint the place!

  • There’s no sign-up or registration, and you don’t have to share your name if you prefer to remain anonymous.
  • It’s free.
  • Submissions have to be accepted by the moderator… Me 🙂 before going live. This is purely to weed out any crap-talk that occasionally comes through.

So I invite you to join this ever-growing community. Step out boldly, express your thoughts or fire off any questions to the world, stamp your name on a piece of cyber-space and claim it as yours! Don’t be shy, use the links below to choose a topic of interest then simply begin typing in the spaces provided on the invitational form at the bottom of each page. It’s as easy as that. Just be sure to check in on your page to follow the interest and comments from other people who read it – it’s good fun!

If there’s something you want to talk about that doesn’t fall into any of these categories, just use the invitation form at the bottom of this page.

Famous Riders

Find out what others are saying about these famous dirt bike riders and add your 10 cents worth.

Travis Pastrana 

James Bubba Stewart 

Chad Reed

Ricky Carmichael

Mechanical Stuff / Engine Design / Brands & Models

These forums are filled with hot topics and discussions regarding the past, present and future of 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines. Be sure to tell everyone about the pros and cons of the brand of bike you ride, or simply ask a question about one.

2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke 

Engine Design And The Future of Two Strokes 

The Experimental Motorcycle Association

Buying a Used Dirt Bike? Questions & Answers here

KTM Dirt Bikes

Yamaha Dirt Bikes

Kawasaki Dirt Bikes

Suzuki Dirt Bikes

Honda Dirt Bikes

Photo Gallery

This is where you can upload your personal pics for everyone to see. Go on, show them off and include a description or story. Be sure to check out the photos submitted from other riders.

Dirt Bike Photos 

Famous Dirt Bike Events

Share your experience, either as a rider or spectator, of an interesting or famous event that you have participated in – wherever it may have been.

Dirt Bike Events 

Erzberg Rodeo 

Health & Fitness

Share your fitness tips or read about what other riders do to train for MX and enduro.

Motocross Fitness

Worldwide Directory of Motocross/Enduro Tracks, Clubs & Parks

Find out where to ride in your local area. If your track, club or riding park aint listed here then use the submission form to add it to the ever-growing list.

Where to Ride in The USA 

Where to Ride in Australia 

Where to Ride in New Zealand 

Where to Ride in The UK 

Where to Ride in Canada 

What Other Visitors Have Said

Click below to see questions and answers from other visitors to this page…

FSX Interviews Josh Sheehan 
FSX Interviews Josh Sheehan Josh Sheehan’s riding career has taken him a long way since life on a small farm in rural Australia. From building ramps …

How To Lower The Seat Height For Shorter Riders 
My friends and I are about to start trail riding. Some of my friends have ridden before but I have not. My issue, in looking at dirt bikes, is the seat …

Grip Studs Screw In Tire Studs  
Hello All, If you have trouble with traction when riding on ice, snow, or mud, then here’s something you’ll be interested in. I’ve discovered that …

2005 Yamaha YZ 250 Not Working After Pressure Wash 
Hello and thanks. I just bought a 2005 Yz 250 great condition, ran awesome all day. Brought it home, pressure washed it – now no spark. Yes the compression …

Moving to Oz And Racing 
Hi my name is Lewis McLeary. I am 9yrs old & I ride a KTM 50sx in auto/cadet class here in Britain. I have a 2010 ktm 50 and have just got my brand new …

Dirt Bikes Are Fire Hazards 
My thought is how do I protect my home from Dirt bikers who ride on private roads and property, that could potentially start a fire that will burn my home …

Is An IT 490 Too Powerful?  
How hard is an IT490 for a mature newbie to ride? Is it a case of easy on the throttle and easy(ish) to ride? Or are IT490’s simply too insane to ride …

New To Dirt Bike Riding 
Hi, my name is Adam. I want to get into dirt bike riding. I have owned road bikes for the past few years and want to try something different. I have ridden …

Advice Wanted For Getting Into The Dirt Bike Industry 
Is there any way you could give me a tip on getting into the business? All I want to do is ride, and be around riders and I just don’t know any jobs out …

Arm Pump 
I ride with a finger on the lever non stop, but I always get arm pump in the right arm, never the left. What could I do to help this out a little bit? …

Aluminum Handguards, Barkbusters & Arm Breakers 
If you have a pair of those handguards where the aluminum brace clamps from the inside of the handlebar to the outside, or you’re thinking of buying a …

Jumping & Forks Banging? 
Whats up, just wondering about hitting jumps for the first time. There’s a tiny little lump in the middle of a field out the back of my house and I hit …

Best Tail Pipe For A Yz250f 2010? 
Hi I’m Cameron and I’m 23 years old from Australia. I’m not really a great rider, I’ve taken a lot out of your website and I’m going to be trying a lot …

Blisters On Hands From Riding 
Unless your have the unsightly and hardened hands of a block layer you’ve probably suffered from blisters on your hands / palms from riding your dirt bike. …

Various Bits And Pieces From Various Riders From Around The World! Not rated yet
This section is for the smaller submissions that aren’t big enough to warrant their own page (Google penalizes sites for small pages!). So, instead …

Does Size Matter? Not rated yet
Hi all. I am returning to MX riding after some 17 years. Back when I used to ride just for fun I was only 20 and a lot more trim than I am now. My question …

Should I Go Motocrossing Or Not?  Not rated yet
I ride a 125 Yamaha and I love this bike so much. I ride it practically everyday. I ain’t pro but I like to ride for the fun of it and because it’s my …

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